Valley Vertical

With an exciting mix of smooth and textured PVC vanes, this collection is featured on the popular LaserLite track. The LaserLite track is a favorite of installers for the C-Clip installation bracket and is now available with an optional rotate-only battery operated motorization feature.

Features & Benefits

  • Aluminum Alloy Track 1¾" x 1½"
  • Popular C-Clip Installation Bracket
  • Reversable Track
  • Replaceable Stems
  • Self Aligning Carriers
  • 12 styles, 40 colors, 3½" PVC Louvers
  • Optional Single Lone Star Valance
  • Optional Rotate-Only Battery Motor with Remote
  • Split Draw, One-way, Reverse, or Center Stack
  • LaserWand Available at No Charge
  • Curved & Arched Track Available
  • Exclusive Making It Right Lifetime Warranty
  • Fabricated in USA





A Track
B Pinion Rod—4 Prong
C C-Clip—4 Prong
D Push On Nut—4 Prong
E Carrier
F LaserWand Control
G LaserWand

H Direct Drive Control
I Reduction Gear
J Idle End

K Cord Drive Runner
L Cord #3
M Chain #10
N Tassel for Chain #10

O 3" L Bracket with Clip
P Installation Screws
Q Channel Panel Valance Clip
R Dust Cover Valance Clip
S Replacement Stem


Measuring Instructions

1) Determine and indicate which blind is to
be the Bypass blind and which is to be the
Butting blind by considering possible light gap
2) Measure the full width to be covered for each
side. Indicate the Butting width (WU) and the
Bypassing width (WY). For Outside Mount,
measure over the window opening by at least 3"
on each side to provide full coverage.
3) Specify control locations for each blind. Both
controls located at opposite from corner is
usually recommended.
4) Deductions will be taken from WU to allow
for the bypassing blind. Measure the length as
normal. For inside mounts, deductions will
be taken on both blinds to allow for inside
To avoid factory charges you can make your own
deductions and/or have your installer cut the
blinds on the job site.

Measuring for corner windows

Valley Verticals may be overlapped to provide excellent corner window treatments that are bothfunctional and beautiful. Note: mitering is not required and is not available.Measuring is simple- just measure the opening sizes. The Blind Maker will take all necessarydeductions and guarantee the fit.


Lasertouch Motorization

The Techniku motor combines the convenience of remote control with the simplicity of battery operation. This tilt-only system iseasy to install and easy to operate. Outside Mount recommended.
Maximum Width 144"
Motorization Surcharge $140
Remote Control $50

Angle Top Headrail

A specialty headrail in which vanes are cut at an angle.Controls must be at highest point on the window. Blinds are available only as one way draw tothe high point.Surcharge: 50% of the sloped width & longest length.

Cutout Option

Vertical blinds may be cut out at the bottom toaccommodate obstructions such as air conditioners.Use the largest width and height size dimensionsof the blind to determine price and add the cutoutsurcharge.
SDP Surcharge: $50 per cutout.

LaserWand Controls

The LaserWand feature liminates dangling cords andchains, providing safe and mooth operation.The Blind Maker offers this option at no additional surcharge.

• One-control Convenience
• Streamlined Appearance
• Increases Safety
• One-way Draw
• Split Draw Not Recommended


Lone Star Valance

A single valance with tailored corners.



Mounting Deductions

 Inside Mount Outside Mount 
Vanes  2" 1½"
 Track Width 1/4" 0"
 Overall Length 1/2" 0"



Brackets and Hardware

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 Measuring Instructions
 Measuring for corner windows
 Lasertouch Motorization
 Angle Top Headrail
 Cutout Option
 LaserWand Controls
 Lone Star Valance
 Mounting Deductions
 Brackets and Hardware

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